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The term “Warrioress” contains more aspects than the word implies.
Nona Simakis

Aristotle would have said that a warrioress (jap. Onna Bugeisha) is more than the sum of her parts. She is a fighter, healer, Amazon, protector and strategist.
Throughout the ages, phenomenal warrioresses have made their mark on history. For example, Homer’s writings transmit the stories of the fierce Amazons and their queen Hippolyte, Buobolina, the greek who fought for independence, Cleopatra, the great Egyptian pharaoh, Tomoe Gozen, the brave female samurai, Joan of Arc and Anne Frank. There have been countless other strong women who succeeded at shaping the expression of the term

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu has its own highly regarded tradition of Kunoichi (female ninja) with its transmissions of teachings and techniques. In recent years, with an increase of women training at the dojo, these techniques have moved to the forefront of training once again. The Kunoichi Taikais happening globally are an example of this phenomenon.

Now in 2017 will realize the idea in the current year of the rooster, with the intention of regular repeated happenings of its kind in the future. Since 5 is a lucky number of the rooster, Onna Bugeisha Keiko, will be guided by 5 female teachers of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, here in Berlin.
With joy we look forward to the support of all dojos.

Nona Simakis & Beate Nikl
10. Dan Kugyo