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From an idea to a vision– and now the final realization


The wish – that women should lead seminars – already arose many years ago and was a heart’s desire of Nona Simakis. Many years passed by until that wish finally came true.

With the foundation of the Ninpo Association as a nonprofit organization (1995) it was Nona Simakis wish to make women more visible in the martial arts society and to give them the opportunity to show their skills and knowledge to a wider audience.

The Onna Bugeisha Keiko Seminar is the next and final step to bring that idea to life:  women who train and teach in a dedicated series of seminars.

We chose Berlin as a location because the moving history of the city is predestined for the idea of the Onna Bugeisha Keiko. Together with Beate Nikl – we take over the responsibility to organize this event.

Best regards,

Nona Simakis & Beate Nikl